New blog

Hi guys. I haven’t really posted here in a while, which I’m sorry about. I’ve made a new blog, as I feel this one kind of restricts me. The other blog is more focused on my writing and has more of a mature tone to it. While this one does showcase my writing, my other one is a fresh start and fresh starts are always nice. I might be doing some more personal posts on there everyone in a while, but it’s mostly a pure writing blog. If you’re interested, you can find me here.

I will not delete this blog, as I may find myself wanting to come back to write a little update post, or perhaps even find the motivation to keep up with two blogs.



Nothing Is I

I am nothing

And nothing is I

I speak for no one

And no one speaks for me

I have not adjusted to living

And life has not adjusted to me

Love is a game

A game I do not play

Crying is for the weak

The weak is not I

Laughter is for children

Do I look like a child?

Friends are fakes and leave you in the end

I am fake, I’ll leave you first

Life is a waste

Why waste your time?

Death is horrible

But so am I

I am nothing

And nothing is I