*Note:  Severely exaggerated*

You see them in movies, kids books, sometimes even outside. They are symbols of good luck even.

Just looking at this picture gives me shivers…nasty little things.

But I hate them.

I was a just a young lass, when I was absentmindedly jumping on my trampoline. I was readying myself for a back flip when I noticed a dragonfly, flying about aimlessly.

“Hi Mr. Dragonfly. What are you up to today?” I asked, walking over to the edge of the trampoline, closest to where the dragonfly was. I clutched the net surrounding the trampoline, which was obviously made for ruly children as myself. And my numerous scars were evidence.

The dragonfly flied majestically, soaring up and about through my mother’s garden, looping in and out through the petals. I did not know yet that it was a suicide mission.

I stopped pondering the insect’s beauty, and instead went my to spot where I before stood waiting to do a back flip.

So I cracked my knuckles, wiggled my fingers, and arched my back. And I lept.

As I contorted into an upside down ‘U’ shape, my eye caught on the dragonfly. It was once more majestically flying towards the direction of the…net?!

“Nooooo!” I yelled dramatically in slow motion, as I landed on my back, a failed attempt at the long awaited back flip.

Avoiding the searing pain (note: once again, severely exaggerated), I twisted my neck to look at the dragonfly.

And his head was stuck in the net.

I lept up immediately, ready to save the poor guy, but when I drew closer I noticed something.

It was missing a wing from the fact his whole body was stuck in the net.

Repulsed, I backed away. I unzipped the door of the net and I ran as fast as I could, not paying attention to my surroundings.

This led me to fall painfully on the concrete steps leading to my patio.

There was blood. So much blood.

(Not really. But it hurt. So yeah).

I still have a scar as a reminder of that horrid day, in fact. It is now part of my rather admirable collection.

So then I was scared of going into the backyard for days after, let alone going on the trampoline. One day however, about five days after it got stuck there, I ventured out bravily.

And, yeah, it was still there…

Half of it.

I screamed. I really did.

(No I didn’t).

We sold that house long ago, and even sold the trampoline, but I bet the spirit of the dragonfly still roams…

And his is why I hate dragonflies.