Sad News

Hi all. I’m back again. Sorry for leaving again, and for a longer period of time! Life has just been hectic. So, we moved again. I’m not going to go into detail on why we keep moving, but it’s basically my dad’s work. I didn’t move that far, just to another city.

Anyway, I’ll probably make a few more posts today with some of my writing, but I wanted to update with some sad news. I’m not over it, but I can think of the incident without crying.

One of my lovely cats passed away on September 23rd, at about ten PM. I say about because we don’t know for certain.

Her name was Klara, and she was about six when she died. She has been an outside cat for ages, since she first turned into an adult. She just loved being outside and eating the grass, looking out the window, and chasing birds and bugs, sometimes even bring dead prey into our house (ew~).

When we got a new kitten, however, her demeanor sort of changed. I mean, Klara was always shy and timid, but for months she was withdrawn and mean to everyone. Klara did not do well with other animals. I felt so bad for her, but we couldn’t just give away the kitten now after we bonded. Thankfully, Klara grew used to her. She didn’t fight with her anymore-sometimes they would swat paws, but they got along peacefully. But I knew inside she was still stressed because of the new addition. She started going outside everyday, for longer periods of time. In the morning when I got up for school, there she was, sitting at the door meowing her head off to be let outside. She would then come home for a little while when I was at school, to eat food, then went out again, coming back at eight-nine-ten pm.

Looking back, I wish I had given her enough attention. I always tried to, but she grew into a more secluded cat.

So on September 23rd, a Sunday, at ten PM, I was looking for her. I opened the door, called for her, she wasn’t there. We had a large tree in front of that house, that blocked a large part of the road from me. A little later I went outside again, with my mom this time, and walked a little to the side. There, I saw a small animal’s body laying in the middle of the road. (As I am writing this, my heartbeat started racing.) It was Klara.

The feeling I experienced there was honestly the worst I have ever felt. It was a mixture of dread, guilt, helplessness, sadness, and regret. It washed over me completely. I had never experienced a death. I ran inside for my dad, who got her off the road and inspected her injury. My mother and I stayed inside, crying.’

He came back in and said she died due to trauma. She was hardly hurt at all. It was one side of her head that was affected, and she was laying on it. No broken bones or mangled parts at all.

We aren’t sure exactly how she died, and my dad was confused too, but we settled on a car. It was the only think that made sense. My dad said she was stiff and cold, which meant she died quickly. I hope it was painless.

A lot of why I cried is  because I felt guilt. I was out earlier, and maybe could have seen her. She always used to cross the road, as the neighbour across from us apparently had the best backyard ever. We think she was crossing the road from their house to go home.

There had been so many close calls with Klara. She’d never been hurt before, except for a few fights with cats. But at times she didn’t get home until the next day, or very late, or I couldn’t find her.

It didn’t feel real.

We drove to our new property which we would moving into soon, and buried her there in the backyard. My mom didn’t want to see, so she stayed in the car. I buried her with three things.

Her favourite pillow case she would use to sleep on a pillow that was in my closet.

A green bandana my best friend had given me when we lived in Canada that she used as a blanket.

Finally, an orangutan toy that she would sleep with. I actually have a picture of her cuddling with it. I may upload it later.

I also placed a rose I carelessly picked from a bush in our backyard. Normally my parents would be annoyed that I tore it, but at that point we were just shocked. I kissed her a few times, with her slightly bad part of head facing down. She was really cold. Her arms and legs were stiff.

My dad told me that I would have to experience more deaths like this, and it’s just how life goes. So we buried her, and placed bricks on that spot so we would know where she was.

We plan on making a special area in that garden for her. We’ll place a tile or something with her info on it, like her name, and date of birth, and date of death on it, with a little sitting place nearby, along with a fountain or bird bath, with steps leading up to the little spot for her.

My other cat, Feela (if you’re wondering why we name our cats such strange names, it’s because we’re Russian), is sort of lethargic now. It’s the only word I can describe her as. She is eating less, which is a big surprise as she is a fat kitty, and is searching around our new house looking for her. She meows at night, which sounds like crying. She misses her friend.

I’ve written and explained everything I wrote here so many times, but not to this much depth. It feels good letting it all out.

Sorry for the absence guys, and sorry if you have a weak heart or stomach, some of what I wrote may have been unsettling. Thanks for reading, and for all the new followers I got. It means so much.

Love, Evie.


The Barbie Doll Illusion

If you’re a teenage girl, I’m sure you have your own growing stack of magazines. Whether it be Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Vogue, or People (or Teen People), they all have something in common-those stick figures that almost every girl above the age of 9 both worship and adore.

It’s the illusion that you have to be ‘perfect’, that all that you see in the flimsy pages of your four dollar magazine is what is desired and yearned for in life.
This delusion starts at a very young age. Maybe four, five, six. Girls in the past, present and future generations have grown up, are growing up, or will grow up, with Barbie Dolls, the so-called spittin’ image of beauty.

But how attractive is Barbie, if she was scaled to real life proportions? If Barbie was real, she would look like this:

Galia posing with a real life size Barbie doll.

With her 39″ in bust, 18′ waist, 33″ hips,  stature of 6 ft, and size 3 shoes, she would have to walk on all fours. Not so attractive now, is she? Girls everywhere are looking at her as an icon, an idol. In fact, Galia Slayen’s eating disorder stemmed from looking up to Barbie as a young child.

Like Galia, you started to form the image of perfect in your head young.

And then as you grow into your tween years, you decide that Barbies and dolls are too childlike. You get magazines for your birthday, and as you flip through the pages this is basically what you see:

Teen star on the front page, model, model, clothes with models wearing them, models, clothes, actors, tampon ad with models jumping and dancing, models, clothes, article, article with model, clothes, makeup, makeup, models, tampon ad with models doing sports, makeup tips, article.

Fascinated with the icons of beauty, you experiment with makeup. You raid your mom or sister’s makeup stash, and slather on all that you can. Then you raid their closets; short dresses, high heels, leather purses. Then the jewelery big hoop earrings, a faux gold necklace, and glass bead bracelet. Perfect.

Then, it’s your 13th birthday-you are officially a teen! You go ask your mom for makeup, and voilà, the next day your both at Macy’s, shopping for the right look. Your mom wants a neutral, down to earth, natural look, but you’re over at the other aisle, looking at the bright fun colours. Ooh, purple eyeshadow! Bright pink lipstick! Or maybe green eyeshadow will look better?

You convince your mother, some of this, some of that.

The first day of school starts, and you prepare: Hm, that mini black skirt with that cheetah tank top. Then, you curl your hair and apply the hairspray. Finally the makeup, black mascara and eyeliner, with the purple eyeshadow, and some blush. Perfect, your done!

Then, as you morph into a teen, you start seeing these TV shows and movies with these models and actresses, these beautiful, pretty, sexy icons. You tell yourself you will do whatever to look like them. After all, that’s what guys are attracted to, right?

So you would eat your normal diet, and exercise. Exercise, exercise. But then you notice the results aren’t that great so. So you get depressed, get stuck in a slump, until your friend tells you a secret.

“You see, Amy, your middle finger is your best friend.”

So you’d binge and binge, then throw it all up in the toilet afterwards. And repeat.

This, this vicious cycle of not being good enough, it’s happening everywhere, in all ages. From the young children playing with their Barbies, deciding they will look like that when they’re older, to the tweens being brainwashed, and to the teens battling eating disorders, it’s a real and present problem in this world.

And if you’re one of them, just remember that these ‘sex gods’, these icons of ‘true’ beauty, it’s all fake. The images of the models are photoshopped so much that you wouldn’t know the before and after pictures were the same person. And Barbie, her real life proportions are not only unrealistic, but they show the true image of,not beauty, but an eating disorder.

13 Lessons Learned From 13 Years Of Life

I am turning 13 soon. Like, very so0n. Soon as in July 17th.  Soon as in a month a handful of days. Which is soon enough for me.


The big 13. The age you turn into a teenager.

A teenager.

The day you turn 13, you are guaranteed to not be stuck at the kiddy section of a party, or be offered the kid menu any more.

 No, no. This rite of passage will assure you that the day you turn 13, you are no longer a little kid.

You can learn a lot from your 13 years of being a child. It teaches you a lot more than you thought it did.

And here are 13 things that MY 13 years of life has taught me thus far.

  1. Just because something may seem ‘uncool’, or ‘geeky’, or even ‘weird’, it’s no reason to not do it. Especially if it’s because of peer pressure.
  2. You don’t always get what you want. And it will be like this for the rest of your life.
  3. It’s okay to be different.
  4. A nice appearance does not guarantee that it’s the same inside.
  5. Life changes everyday. Instead of looking back all the time, go along for the ride. Who knows where it’ll take you?
  6. Someone’s life is always harder than yours.
  7. Your parents have every right to boss you around.
  8. Not everything you hear is true.
  9. You don’t know what true love is yet. And that’s okay.
  10. It’s okay to cry.
  11. Make new friends, just don’t forget the old.
  12. It’s never cool to be a hater.
  13. Don’t try to grow up too fast.

Of course, I have learned way more; Pre-algebra, American History, and Science-but what really matters are the things that can never be un-learned.

What have you learned?

Top Ten Things I Hate the Most About Movie Theatres

WARNING! This is a rant!

Okay, so today I went and saw Battleship. It was pretty good. I myself enjoy action movies. HOWEVER, there were some things that bugged me throughout the entire movie.

My parents and I walked in about a few minutes before the previews ended into a PACKED room. I mean, packed. Upon entering, I quickly noticed one thing that annoyed me.

You know how sometimes a group of people sit two chairs away from the next group or person? Why not just ONE, and then there is more space for two or more people? But NO, it’s too much of a hardship to scoot over.

I am now going to compile a list of some things that I hate the most about going to the theatre.

#1. People who TALK.
Come on! We all payed for the ticket to watch the MOVIE, not to listen to your talk show. You can explain the movie to your mate AFTERWARDS. And what happened last Saturday can wait. No one aside from you and your friends care if you got to third base or not. This includes cellphones! This is exactly why they warn you to turn off your phones.

#2. People who laugh obnoxiously at everything.
I myself never laugh at comedies. Not because I don’t get it, but because I’m not much of a laugher unless it’s hilarous or happened to me. And laughter is okay in theatres! Really! But please, if you are watching Saw (not that I’d ever watch it) or something, please don’t laugh at characters being sliced up! Same with relatively funny movies. Some people just laugh at every corny joke. It’s so loud, I swear, it echoes around the room.

#3. People who buy themselves a feast and eat loudly.
Hungry? Okay, buy yourself that combo or whatever. I don’t mind. Just PLEASE, respect other’s ears and keep the chewing noise to a minimum.

#4. People who bring children.
I am, depending on what your definition of a child is, still a child. But, if you bring your five year old to Inception or something, expect them to be BORED. They WILL be loud, they WILL complain, and they WILL annoy the crap out of everyone in the audience!

#5. When people sit next to you when there are tons of other seats!
Look, dude! Turn your head slightly, and you will see the other seats avaible. If you scoot over one, we both get to enjoy the movie, and both get our own armrests! How about that?

#6. People who spoil the movie.
Related to #1. If we wanted to just know the plot and not watch the movie, we would have just went on IMBD instead of paying ten dollars to watch!

#7. Annoying smells.
I hate it when people wear too much cologne or perfume to a movie. Or smell like they haven’t discovered showers yet. Or take of their shoes. Just no.

#8. Those people who kick your chair.
First time, you just ignore it. Oh, it was a mistake, right? Second time, turn around slightly and smile faintly at the person who did. Third time, you clear your throat. Fourth time, you ask them to stop. Do they keep doing it? Well, that’s the theatres for ya.

#9. People who makes unnessacary noises or movements.
I have Misophonia. I hate when people tap their foot or shake it, or shake the ice in their cup. I hate when they are sick,  but insist on coming anyways, and hacking up their lungs, potentionally getting everyone in a mile radius sick.

#10.  When people keep glancing on you/putting their feet up on your chair.
I grouped these together because they are more minor things, but still annoy me anyway. First of all, do I have a damn rat sitting on my head? Stop staring at me! Secondly, my chair is NOT a foot rest. You are in public, so please, refrain from putting your nasty shoes that have walked on strange surfaces above my head!

Thanks for reading my rant! Do you have any movie theatre pet peeves?

Who Am I?

My name is Evie, and this is my blog. 

I am blogging, why? To share my writing. I, like many others, love to write, so I have decided to share it.

I also have a deviantArt account (starrkat), and a Tumblr, which shall remain under wraps for the time being.


If you are also an avid writer and would like to link to your own blog in the comments, go ahead! I’d love to read some of your works. If you have a deviantArt or Tumblr, go ahead and share it as well :3


Now, since I am a newbie in the world of blogging, any help will be taken gratefully. Critique, as I always say, is something that all writers must learn to take with a pinch of salt, meaning, they take it seriously


I will also use this blog for just everyday writing, as I had a goal to blog everyday, or often, on my other blog, but it failed miserably. If you plan on following my blog (which I hope you will!), brace yourself for maybe some pictures of my cats, and maybe some art. I adore cats, but you probably learned that from my blog URL and title >^.^<


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