Top Ten Things I Hate the Most About Movie Theatres

WARNING! This is a rant!

Okay, so today I went and saw Battleship. It was pretty good. I myself enjoy action movies. HOWEVER, there were some things that bugged me throughout the entire movie.

My parents and I walked in about a few minutes before the previews ended into a PACKED room. I mean, packed. Upon entering, I quickly noticed one thing that annoyed me.

You know how sometimes a group of people sit two chairs away from the next group or person? Why not just ONE, and then there is more space for two or more people? But NO, it’s too much of a hardship to scoot over.

I am now going to compile a list of some things that I hate the most about going to the theatre.

#1. People who TALK.
Come on! We all payed for the ticket to watch the MOVIE, not to listen to your talk show. You can explain the movie to your mate AFTERWARDS. And what happened last Saturday can wait. No one aside from you and your friends care if you got to third base or not. This includes cellphones! This is exactly why they warn you to turn off your phones.

#2. People who laugh obnoxiously at everything.
I myself never laugh at comedies. Not because I don’t get it, but because I’m not much of a laugher unless it’s hilarous or happened to me. And laughter is okay in theatres! Really! But please, if you are watching Saw (not that I’d ever watch it) or something, please don’t laugh at characters being sliced up! Same with relatively funny movies. Some people just laugh at every corny joke. It’s so loud, I swear, it echoes around the room.

#3. People who buy themselves a feast and eat loudly.
Hungry? Okay, buy yourself that combo or whatever. I don’t mind. Just PLEASE, respect other’s ears and keep the chewing noise to a minimum.

#4. People who bring children.
I am, depending on what your definition of a child is, still a child. But, if you bring your five year old to Inception or something, expect them to be BORED. They WILL be loud, they WILL complain, and they WILL annoy the crap out of everyone in the audience!

#5. When people sit next to you when there are tons of other seats!
Look, dude! Turn your head slightly, and you will see the other seats avaible. If you scoot over one, we both get to enjoy the movie, and both get our own armrests! How about that?

#6. People who spoil the movie.
Related to #1. If we wanted to just know the plot and not watch the movie, we would have just went on IMBD instead of paying ten dollars to watch!

#7. Annoying smells.
I hate it when people wear too much cologne or perfume to a movie. Or smell like they haven’t discovered showers yet. Or take of their shoes. Just no.

#8. Those people who kick your chair.
First time, you just ignore it. Oh, it was a mistake, right? Second time, turn around slightly and smile faintly at the person who did. Third time, you clear your throat. Fourth time, you ask them to stop. Do they keep doing it? Well, that’s the theatres for ya.

#9. People who makes unnessacary noises or movements.
I have Misophonia. I hate when people tap their foot or shake it, or shake the ice in their cup. I hate when they are sick,  but insist on coming anyways, and hacking up their lungs, potentionally getting everyone in a mile radius sick.

#10.  When people keep glancing on you/putting their feet up on your chair.
I grouped these together because they are more minor things, but still annoy me anyway. First of all, do I have a damn rat sitting on my head? Stop staring at me! Secondly, my chair is NOT a foot rest. You are in public, so please, refrain from putting your nasty shoes that have walked on strange surfaces above my head!

Thanks for reading my rant! Do you have any movie theatre pet peeves?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. thesummergames
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 16:13:08

    People who fall asleep 🙂



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