Writer’s Block

The worst enemy of any writer or blogger.

Writer’s block. 

How do you get rid of it? There are many ways, you just need to get inspired. But, where do I get inspiration from?, you may be asking.



Your body is thirsting for physical activity. Take a quick jog, walk your dogs, do some yoga. Just get off your butt. Trust me, physical activity can spark your inspiration. Be sure to bring your journal everywhere you go so as not to forget any ideas that may come to in a moment of inspiration.

Read. Go on, do it. Get yourself to the nearest library or bookstore, and read a book. It will help you think of ideas of your own.

Ever heard that saying that TV will rot your brain? Not if you use it for inspiration. With so much shows and movies on TV, you’re bound to find something that will spark an idea in you.

Get outside. Smell the flowers, feel the grass, bask in the sun. If it’s winter, go on, play in the snow. Nature can shed light on places in your mind you’ve never been before. It can help you uncover inspiration.

Meditate, or do yoga. It calms the body, mind, and soul. The recipe for success to finding great inspiration.

I hope this little post has helped in some way. Writer’s block is an arch-enemy to all writers, famous or not, but it can be eliminated.

Good luck to all writers!



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